[NO VOICE]Ablegrid® Sim Card GSM, USA ONLY, 2G 3G 4G LTE for any GSM G – Ablegrid.com
[NO VOICE]Ablegrid® Sim Card GSM, USA ONLY,  2G 3G 4G LTE for any GSM GPS Tracker and IoT devices

[NO VOICE]Ablegrid® Sim Card GSM, USA ONLY, 2G 3G 4G LTE for any GSM GPS Tracker and IoT devices

Regular price $ 3.99

This sim card can not make the phone call, no voice plan 


Why you buy from us?

1). you can activate your sim card any time, no expiration date

2). you can activate it today and we can keep your phone number over one year, so you can re-activate your sim card easily by renew the plan.  e.g. use it anytime you want

3). the sim card only cost $3.99 , while Tmobile retail store charge you $25 for the sim card before you load their plan,  which is almost three months plans cost from our store.  Plus, if you don't use for three months, your sim card will be useless and can not be re-activated again.

all new ablegrid gps spy trackers come with a free sim card. you don't need to buy it here.

This sim card need activate at  our website here before use.

Start with prepaid $12/month 100 SMS text only sim card, get 3 month free when you activate 1 year plan. or 20% off when you activate a 3 month plan.

No contract, no cancellation fee, no auto-renewal.

the one time activation fee is $4.95

This sim card uses T-mobile network in USA

This sim card is compatible to all Ablegrid gps trackers.


T-Mobile 2G and 3G Decommissioning Schedule

T-Mobile will prohibit all new 2G & 3G activations starting July 2020. Furthermore, T-Mobile anticipates the 2G & 3G network to retire at the end of 2020.

Please Note:

Due to spectrum demands in any given area, T-Mobile may reduce 2G/3G coverage at an earlier time than indicated here.

If you use our T-mobile sim card for your device, you need to confirm your device complys VoLTE requirement, otherwise, the T-mobile network will reject the connection. these devices listed below do not comply with T-mobile network requirement: Simcom SIM868, Vivo Y23L,MICCO-M350, M-Horse One A9,Alcatel OT-X080S, G-tab W201, Deao International Group Limited_TK108, 9 Plus.




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Markie Chase
Never worked

Customer service manually activated and for over a week trying to get it to connect and it never did

Device and service

Paid for 1 year of service. Initially, the tracker was working fine for 3 days but now has not since shown any activity for almost a week. Unreliable service and device. Will never consider using your trackers ever again. Thought I can trust the reviews on Amazon and went ahead and paid for 1 year of service now I’m left with nothing working. Definitely disappointed

Sim card for GPS

It worked perfectly!!! I would definitely recommended

Excellent part and service!

Very quick shipment. Card fit exactly as it should.