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Customer Service Related Q & A:

1) why don't you have a tech support phone number at our website?

Many of the product tech support related questions can not be answered or solved immediately, the best way is to send us the email , we will forward to the right person and get back to you as soon as possible.

2) why I can not return or get a refund or contact you directly because I bought from your reseller at amazon or ebay?

you paid to the resellers, not to us, for example, you bought a Sony Tv from BestBuy store, you have to contact BestBuy for the customer service and get the refund, being our qualified resellers, they have ability to answer you most of product related questions.

Thanks, we are appreciated for your understanding.


For the replacement, return:

If you bought our products from the marketplace or reseller, such as eBay or amazon, etc., please contact the resellers directly, we can not provide any support for the order related problem, since we don't have your order information


For Regular Tech Support:

please contact your seller directly, all our resellers are qualified to answer the product related questions.


For GPS Tracker Tech Support:

Please use LIVE Chat support at this webpage bottom right corner.

You can also use the email form below to submit the question, please have your order number, our sim card Imei# ready (if you activated our sim card)


For order related question only:

Call: 1-(800) 918-9790 Please have your order number ready Fax: 949-8619989


All other questions:

We have three service centers in USA, please use the form below to contact us first, we are online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For wholesalers, enterprise customers:
please contact:
For OEM customers, API Tech support:

please contact:

China R&D Center

77 Qinquan Rd #709, Ronghua, Shenzhen Guandong 518131

USA Shipping Fulfillment Center

9142-9158 Pulsar Ct, Corona, CA 92883


USA Distribution 
APR Logistic Service Inc 

9158 Pulsar Ct, Corona, CA 92883


For How-to setup TK, GT series GPS Tracker:

please always read this first before you contact us , or
TK series Gps Tracker Setup
GT series Gps Tracker Setup
LIVE Chat with us or email our Tech Support at:

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