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Case Study


Use of the Ablegrid GPS tracking device and related Ablegrid tracking software are subject to various laws, ordinances and regulations, which may vary from state to state. Please consult with an attorney regarding such laws if you have any questions.
The user shall agree that he or she is over eighteen and shall be responsible for all use of the Ablegrid GPS tracking device and related Ablegrid tracking software. The user of the Ablegrid GPS tracking device and related Ablegrid tracking software shall, at all times comply with all federal, state and local, or foreign, if applicable, laws, ordinances, regulations, and orders concerning the proper and legal use of the Ablegrid GPS tracking device and related software and information. The user shall understand that the Ablegrid GPS tracking device and related Ablegrid tracking software are not for critical, safety, or life-threatening situations. The user shall indemnify and hold harmless Ablegrid Corp., and its employees, owners, officers, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns, in connection with any breach or alleged breach of the foregoing.

The user shall agree that, he or she agrees Ablegrid End-User Agreement and Ablegrid Privacy Policy, and also Ablegrid Sim Card Activation Agreement. If you have any question, please contact us before you buy.

Track a person


    For a child

     [You need to consult with your local lawyer before you track a person legally]

    Jenny is a single mother and lives with her daughter alone, her ex-husband Mike visits them once a week, and he will take the girl out every Sunday. Jenny puts the Ablegrid GPS tracker in her little girl’s pocket, so she can check where her ex-husband takes her daughter to when she needs, and make sure her daughter is safe. During the school days, she can also track her child to make sure she gets home safely from school.


    For the  person

     [You need to consult with your local lawyer before you track a person legally]

    Bob and Mona just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. But Bob was diagnosed as Alzheimer, he was showing signs of confusion. Mona worried about him, and concerned that her old couple would get lost someday. This was really bothered her, but this problem was solved easily since she bought the Ablegrid GPS tracker. Mona just put the small device in Bob’s Jacket, and she can simply use her cellphone to get the location of where Bob is. Got an alert when he left the house, when he arrived at his destination and when he made it home. It was great to know that he was safe and wasn't confused about how to navigate the local area. Also Mona can set the Geo-fence to receive an notification when Bob wanders too far away from home.

    Dr. Jim works in a senior center, he has many elderly patients and after get their permission, he put the tracker into their patients pocket, and he can immediately know if the patients walk out of the dedicated area.

      Track a vehicle

        For the teen driver

          [You need to consult with your local lawyer before you track a person legally]

        John is a father, his eighteen years old son just get the car license. John and his son have made an agreement on allowing the boy to drive the car every Sunday. With the Ablegrid GPS tracker installed on the back of the driving seat, John can view from the Ablegrid app of where his son has been driving and the driving speed, he will know for sure his son is safe. He can check his son’s entire driving route and confirm his boy hasn’t made any unauthorized ‘side trips.’


        For the fleet


        Patrica, the manager of a logistics company. The company develops the freight business through the whole country. To manage hundreds of trucks at the same time is not an easy job. But with the Ablegrid GPS tracker, Patrica can view and monitor the routes of every truck in the company from Ablegrid app. To make sure the freight business is running well and under control.



          Track an asset


            For your package


            Jimmy is a Backpacker and loves traveling. His trip includes the use of public transport, sleeping in the crowded hostels and meeting locals. One of the most important and valuable part in his journey is his backpack. He puts an Ablegrid GPS tracker in the side pocket of the backpack, so he can track the package in case it was lost, and enjoy his journey without worrying about the risk of losing his backpack.


            For your company vehicles

            Richard has a small business, and he has a few delivery cargo trucks. During the past years, the cargo van got stolen many times, so he put Ablegrid the tracker with magnate attached somewhere and set the geo-fence for the tracker,  when the truck is stolen, he will get the notification from the app and also he can view the truck moving around, and help the law enforcement dept to get his truck back.

            Richard is very happy with many truck recoveries made by Ablegrid trackers in Los Angels industry areas.


            For cargo pellets

            Tom used to ship the cargo by pellets in New York wholesale district near 30 street middle town, he had many experiences during the past years the packages got lost. Now, he put the Ablegrid one-time use tracker inside the cargo, he can know exactly where the cargo and never worry about the cargo can be stolen.


            For the crow or pets


            Sam runs a small farm in the woody area. There are about 20 cows in his farm. Sometimes the cows will run in to the woods, and it is a hard job for Tom to search them and drive them home. But with Ablegrid GPS trackers, Tom just ties it to the collar or horn of the cows, so he can track the cows from his cellphone and find the missing ones in a short time.